"For many, many years, I have suffered with severe lower back pain. I struggled day in and day out, just short of having back surgery.  In December 2006, I decided to try Chiropractic relief.  When I saw Dr. Swanson, I told him I've never been a believer in Chiropractic Treatment, so he would have something to prove to me.  His remark was, "We will certainly try."  After 4 years of rehab, I have only had one setback.  It's great a believer in Chiropractic care with Advanced  Spine, Sports & Rehab. Thank you Dr. Swanson and staff."

Jerry Barnwell, Queen City, Texas.

"One morning I felt something move in my lower back. I called Advanced Spine, Sports & Rehab.  I've heard, 'No Pain, No Gain' but not at AdvancedSSR.  With Dr. Swanson, he will take the pain so you can regain your life.  Your life can be yours to enjoy again. I couldn't enjoy riding a horse, a tractor or doing any house cleaning. But now, I can do all these things and more without pain!"


Buster Coats, Atlanta, Texas